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 2017-06/05 - [convention] M3不参加のお知らせ / absent from M3


aerophonon will NOT attend M3 several times
Until completion of a new product, aerophonon will NOT attend M3 several times. I will be back again when releasing a new product.


 2017-05/09 - [external] MECH-96242 (at Game Legend 26th convention)

Pulse TherapyからリリースされるMECH-96242に参加しました
上記CDにSommenchが参加し、1トラックのアレンジバージョンを担当しました。2017年5月14日(日)に川口市市民ホールフレンディアで開催されるゲームレジェンド26でリリースされる予定です。Pulse Therapyのブースは1bです。

試聴動画: YouTube | ニコニコ動画

Sommench participates MECH-96242 that will be released from Pulse Therapy
Sommench offers 1 cover version for this CD which will be released at Game Legend 26 will be hold at Frendia - Kawaguchi city civic hall (the fourth floor of Cupo-la shopping mall) on Sunday, May 14, 2017. The booth number of Pulse Therapy is 1b.

Trailer: YouTube | Nico Nico Douga


 2017-04/22 - [convention] M3 39th convention

音系・メディアミックス同人即売会 M3 第39回即売会に参加します(ブース番号: 第一展示場 M-11a)
今回は前回と同様にincoherent formation collector's edition data fileを1,000円で頒布します。通常版は製品ページ(incoherent formation)でダウンロードできます。

aerophonon will attend the 39th M3 (booth: M-11a, The first hall)
M3[1] 39th convention will be hold at Tokyo Ryutsu Center (TRC) on Sunday, April 30, 2017.
At this convention, We will distribute incoherent formation collector's edition data file, the same as last convention. The price is 1,000JPY. The download edition is available in the product page (incoherent formation).

  • [1]M3 is the convention that about 1,400 groups/persons sell their own music products. Most of attendants sell their original music, and some attendants sell cover version of video games.


about aerophonon


aerophonon is a label that is organized by Sommench and Pegasus-510.
The activity of aerophonon is release cover versions of video game musics mainly.
We don't decide how to release original music if we make it. Maybe we will release it from other label.


2000年3月のサイト開設当初は日本人にしか見られないと考えていたのですが、Caverns of Hope(Ecco the Dolphinのファンサイト)でCDが紹介されたのがきっかけで、2001年12月に英語表記のinformation(現在のproducts)を追加しました。ありがとうございました。

There are Japanese and English descriptions in each page except work-log(Japanese description only).
It has possiblity we make pages of each language in future.
I expected only Japanese people visit our website when I began at March, 2000. But our 2nd product was introduced in Caverns of Hope - an Ecco the Dolphin fansite. This is a trigger for adding English description to information page (It was renamed to products now.) for non-Japanese visitors at December, 2001. We thanks to them.