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 2016-04/16 - [convention] M3 37th convention

音系・メディアミックス同人即売会 M3 第37回即売会に参加します(ブース番号: 第一展示場 H19b)
今回も前回と同様にincoherent formation collector's edition data fileを1,000円で頒布します。ダウンロード版は製品ページ(incoherent formation)でダウンロードできます。

aerophonon will attend the 37th M3 (booth: H19b, The first hall)
M3[1] 37th convention will be hold at Tokyo Ryutsu Center (TRC) on Sunday, April 24, 2016.
At this convention, We will distribute incoherent formation collector's edition data file, same as last convention. The price is 1,000JPY. The download edition is available in the product page (incoherent formation).

  • [1]M3 is the convention that about 1,400 groups/persons sell their own music products. Most of attendants sell their original music, and some attendants sell cover version of video games.