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tr. track title arranger
1 7" paranovibe mp3 flac
2 Bacura Buster Remix Mk.256 Bacura Buster mp3 flac
3 silveren feather dub beep on magic mp3 flac
4 Edit+ Static Children mp3 flac
5 deep beep mix beep on magic mp3 flac
6 Stormy Flag Campur Edit Bacura Buster mp3 flac
7 space groove bossa Sommench mp3 flac
8 nanouniverse dub beep on magic mp3 flac
全曲ダウンロード(download all tracks): mp3 (40MB) | flac (181MB)

product no.: apcd01
media: CD-R
release date: 2000-04/23(M3-5)
total time: 29m49s
price: 頒布終了 (discontinued)
This product was discontinued at May 1, 2011 due to hard to get some materials.
This product was available by download for free at August 17, 2013.

 informations of original game

platform: arcade
copyright owner: Namco Ltd., 1982
developer: Namco Ltd.
composer: Yuriko Keino