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Tango Alpha Bravo e.p.

tr. track title arranger
1 Tango Alpha Bravo [villager's rush] Barbarian War Drums mp3 flac
2 Tango Alpha Bravo [space barbarian mix] beep on magic mp3 flac
3 Tango Alpha Bravo [unseen path of sorrow] Static Children mp3 flac
4 Tango Alpha Bravo [bossa bravo] Sommench mp3 flac
5 Hyman's Wrath [E=MC² mix] paranovibe mp3 flac
全曲ダウンロード(download all tracks): mp3 (44MB) | flac (197MB)

product no.: apcd04
media: CD-R
release date: 2001-10/21(M3-8)
total time: 33m41s
price: 頒布終了 (discontinued)
This product was discontinued and available by download for free at October 25, 2014.

 informations of original game

Age of Empires Expansion: Rise of Rome
platform: Microsoft Windows
copyright owner: Microsoft Corp./ Ensemble Studios, 1998
developer: Ensemble Studios
composer: Stephen Rippy