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tr. track title arranger
1 F.F.L.ex. (Zero Divide 2 - Demo) Sommench mp3 flac
2 Tropical Nereid (Zero Divide 2 - NEREID stage) Sommench mp3 flac
3 A Nation Of Mischief (Zero Divide - TAU stage) Sommench mp3 flac
4 Nipponocraft (Zero Divide - EOS stage) Sommench mp3 flac
5 Omission (Zero Divide 2 - ZERO stage) Sommench mp3 flac
6 Blazing Blaster (Zero Divide - VS Unit Select) Sommench mp3 flac
7 Sweet Fascination (Zero Divide 2 - IO stage) Sommench mp3 flac
8 Tinysonic (Zero Divide 2 - CYGNUS stage) Sommench mp3 flac
9 The Wild Pitch (Zero Divide - WILD3 stage) Sommench mp3 flac
10 To The New Stage (Zero Divide - Ending) Sommench mp3 flac
全曲ダウンロード(download all tracks): mp3 (40MB) | flac (205MB)

product no.: apcd13
media: CD-R
release date: 2012-10/28(M3-30)
total time: 37m00s
price: 頒布終了 (discontinued)
This product was discontinued and available by download for free at October 25, 2014.

 informations of original game

Zero Divide
platform: Sony Playstation
copyright owner: Zoom Inc., 1995
developer: Zoom Inc.
composer: Hideyuki Shimono / Akihito Ohkawa

Zero Divide 2
platform: Sony Playstation
copyright owner: Zoom Inc., 1997
developer: Zoom Inc.
composer: Akihito Ohkawa